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Scarcity Mindset vs. Abundance Mindset

Here is a short article I want to share with you because I think a lot of people suffer with this but don't talk about it. I want to emphasize that there is no shame at all when it comes to our safety, fears about our safety, and stigmas surrounding "not enough". Let's get a conversation going to help each other understand more fully about what scarcity means to you and what abundance means to you.

Scarcity is scary. Being scared or fearful of not having enough of something causes stress and in lots of cases it causes hoarding. Hoarding of food, personal supplies, blankets, stuff in general. The problem with scarcity is that a lot of people never feel satisfied with all that they are accumulating in order to feel less scared of not having enough.

Abundance, you would think, would help us feel full, feel satisfied, feel safe. Abundance can, at times, have the opposite effect and make us feel overwhelmed and still want to hoard all that we have.

In this short article, let's take a look at scarcity vs. abundance and see where we each might fall on the scale.

Call to Action

Where do you feel you are more on the scarcity side of life and where do you feel you are on the abundance side of life?

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