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All About Me

  Hi. I'm Lisa and I am the creator, owner, organizer, designer and coach of Groom Your Room.  Welcome. Thank you for choosing us as your declutter and organizing partner. 

I am so proud and excited to be here with you. You are here because you are ready to find the best you when you look at and live in your spaces.

  I have spent my life creating and re-creating the best version of me and throughout all of the ways I have experienced my best self, I realized that starting with the space I live and function in on a daily basis, through decluttering and organizing, has been the best recipe for success.

  The trickle-down theory says that if we start at the top the other areas of well- being will follow. My background constitutes, life coaching, wellness, fitness, art, interior design, photography, and culinary arts. I believe that every little bit is a part of the whole.





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