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Pro Nation not Procrastination

If getting organized in this new year is a priority for you then you must get your mind and body geared up and focused on becoming the PRO NATION of your domain. Most of us allow procrastination to be the ruler of our domain. Well, that stops right now, right here.

The biggest obstacle to getting organized……………….PROCRASTINATION.

Procrastination means to delay or postpone something. The avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline.

The Top 10 Steps toward Conquering Procrastination


Make a list of all large projects, goals, tasks that must get done or need to get done in order for something else to happen in order to move on to the next big thing. Once you have a written-out idea of what is on your agenda, mind, schedule, bucket list, you can more easily move through the steps toward completion.


Once you have your list of projects, prioritize that list further into 4 groups: Group 1: Urgent and important, Group 2: Not urgent but important, Group 3: Urgent but not important, and Group 4: Not urgent and not important. These groups will further help you to know and execute plans to tackle the big list in a more efficient and prioritized way.


Take each project/task and make a supply list of what it will take to complete. The list should include time table, best day, tools, etc. so you are prepared with as little waste of time as possible.


Once you decide on the best day/date to work on the items in Group 1, make a date with yourself and include anyone who will be part of helping to make these items a priority to accomplish. Just like when you schedule a doctor appointment, put this project on your calendar and stick to the task to be accomplished. It is a high priority project that must get done and is urgent and important so treat it as such.


If a priority project for you is to get healthy this year, you are the priority and all that you do is then affected by your efforts toward being in good health and equally affected by being in bad health. If part of the project plan is to exercise, best to do it first thing in the morning or as early in the day as possible so that it is behind you, already accomplished and feeding your agenda for the rest of the day. Getting the uncomfortable things out of the way first is very energizing and helps you feel good to power through the other “musts” on your list.


Don’t cheat yourself out of the plan you made, the contract you signed with yourself to stop procrastinating. Like all things that we do frequently, exercising can become a habit that is a constant benefit to you and those around you. If you find that sometimes you are getting a late start, acknowledge the lateness and as soon as you can get to doing that priority thing. Don't skip it.


If you find that setting a start time/date on the calendar is not helpful then right where you are, in the moment you are in, on any random day, in the middle of everything, begin. Every minute of every day is the right time and space to begin something that is important to you. No starting gate/gun needed. If all you have is 7 minutes, then use those 7 minutes to do that urgent and important thing.


If knowing what time something will last or when something will end is helpful to you accomplishing the project, then set those limits and stick to the time schedule you set. Whenever you have 7 minutes to spare, say, in between setting a pot of water to boil and the water boiling, use that in between time to exercise, organize, categorize paperwork. Whatever it is that could benefit from those few, in between minutes, do it.


Promise to stay away from a bad habit of wasting time. Time wasters like FB, email, sitting for a few minutes, whatever you find to be the thing that has no real purpose to your projects except to kill time, avoid those things at all costs. There will be time to allow time. You just need to schedule it. Looking forward with anticipation to down time makes the down time more meaningful and more precious and more savored.


Just like creating the 4 boxes for the things that need your attention you should also make having some fun equally as important. Schedule the fun stuff with as much discipline as you do with the things you find you procrastinate about.

Questions to ponder:

What is the one and only project that has your emotions running at high speed but your motivation is in the dirt?

How will you feel when the priority project is complete? Not complete by the deadline?

Why is it hard for you to get started?

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