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May the Possibilities Begin

The word May has such beautiful definitions such as, expressing possibilities, or expressing a wish or a hope. Just for today, what might your wish or hope be for May? What possibilities can you imagine for your life this month? Don’t forget to click on the highlighted words to dig deeper for ideas, suggestions and how-to’s.

This month’s GROOM YOUR ROOM organizing list is all about the great outdoors. Let’s take a look….

“May is green and pink and red” ― Richard L. Ratliff

The first item on the top 5 list of organizing activities is the most popular and that is gardening. Bringing to life all the beautiful colors and floral magic of spring. After a dreary, cold and uninspiring winter up north May is a welcome mat for true spring plantings and possibilities and getting to roll around in the dirt and grow stuff. For garden ideas click here.

Item 2: Let’s get to grilling! There is nothing like the fresh taste of earth’s bounty grilled to perfection to bring out all those juicy flavors and textures. If you have a propane tank grill like I do then scrubbing the winter residue from the grates is top priority, even if you did it just before storing the grill for the winter. Another suggestion would be to change out the lava rocks for the new grilling season. If you have a charcoal grill, then scrubbing the tub before changing and replacing the foil liner will yield fresh results. Another idea is to stock up on new grilling tools especially if your long-handled scrub brush is even a little worn down. The bristles can come loose very easily and lodge into the food. For great grilling recipe ideas click here. For amazing wine pairings for grilled food click here.

Item #3 is a no brainer. What would a backyard, garden and grill be without outdoor furniture? From furniture placement like creating an outdoor living room to a new coat of paint or rust resistant spray paint, make what was old look new again without much cost. Even if all you need are fresh pillows for bright design freshness and comfort, go for it! For outdoor furniture design and placement ideas click here.

I know it’s hard to imagine but warmer, sweltering summer days are on their way and although it seems crazy to think we will want to cool off it will happen and now is the time to service our air conditioners. Remembering how much electricity that sucker uses, if the unit is not in tip top shape it will draw more electricity than it should to work hard enough to put out the temperature you are setting it to. For instructions on how to service your air conditioner click here.

Our #5 item for organizing in May is outdoor equipment. Bicycles, Volleyball nets, balls and rackets, Badminton equipment and birdies, Golf clubs and accessories, Swim gear, Beach tools, etc. Whatever falls under the heading of equipment for summer fun let’s get to updating, repairing or redesigning its purpose. For information on how to maintain your sports equipment click here.

As a small bonus click here to get some great party organizing ideas for your Memorial Day celebrations!

And there you have it. Good thing there are 31 days this month. We will need every bit of it to get ready for summer activities and the great outdoors.

“May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive.” ― Fennel Hudson, A Meaningful Life - Fennel's Journal - No. 1

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What is your favorite part of the month of May?

What do you usually do during May to get ready for summer break?

How does the month of May feel for you compared to all the other months of the year?

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