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A-Z Household Items to Sell, Donate or Refurbish

A – Z Household Items to Sell, Donate or Refurbish

If you have a computer, it is easy to use your search bar and find information of any kind very quickly. I thought it would be helpful to create a list of some common household items that you might want to sell, donate or refurbish and have it right at your fingertips by having it posted on your office bulletin board or added to your household binder or filed in your buy/sell file folder. Creating less garbage, junk, unrecyclable landfill helps you, your fellow citizens and the planet.

There is a slew of commonly known donation stations throughout the world that you don’t need to spend too much time researching such as:

The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Ebay, Craigslist, United Way, Freecycle, Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, Habitat for Humanity Restore, etc.

But did you know there are also places like: Women’s shelters, local Churches, Homeless shelters, VA facilities and wounded warrior project sites, flea markets, consignment shops, pawn shops, schools, senior centers, community centers such as YMCA?

Assuming your household items are in good condition, meaning that you would buy the item if you were in the market for gently used items, the following is a list of more specific locations, websites, etc. where you can consider selling, donating or getting helpful tips regarding refurbishing your household items. If no website or location name is listed, please try any of the locations mentioned above for your need.

Ok, here we go:

A – Appliances: Any of the locations mentioned in the opening list is a possibility for donating your used appliances. For ways to sell your appliances, suggests looking at Best Buy, Costco, The Home Depot, Lowe’s. These places each have specific restrictions so read through their specifications.

B– Bicycles, Books:

To Sell Bicycles:,, for valuation information.

To Donate Books:,, or you can donate to local libraries, schools, hospitals, veteran’s associations or start a donation blast of your own.

C – Cell phones, china sets, cars

To Donate used china sets: see list from intro

D – Dishware, Detergent (cleaning supplies)

To Donate Cleaning Supplies:, You might also investigate animal shelters, schools, community centers near you.

E – Eyewear, Easter décor

To Sell Eyewear:

F – Furniture, Food, frames (picture)

According to the website the Salvation Army offers a donation valuation guide that aids in fair market value for your furniture.

To Donate used furniture:, The National Furniture Bank Association (NFBA), Theatre groups. Moneycrashers suggests obtaining the IRS Value of Donated Property publication.

To Sell used picture frames:

To Donate picture frames:,

G – Gift cards, Gym equipment

Go to or if you want to trade your unwanted gift card for another gift card.

To Donate Gift cards: or use any of the sites mentioned in the intro.

To Sell used Gym equipment:,,,

H – Hardware

I – Ice Skates

To Sell used Ice Skates:,

J – Jewelry

To Donate used jewelry: If it is costume jewelry:,

K – Knick Knacks

This is a broad category to here are some sites that will teach you how to flip your knick knacks for cash:,,

To Donate your used knick knacks:,

L – Lamps, Laptop

To Donate used lamps:

To learn about what to do with unused incandescent lighting visit

M – Mattress, Maps (cartograph)

Learn how to sell a used mattress:,

Learn how to donate a used mattress:

Depending on the type of map you are looking to sell it would be best to be specific when doing a search. In the meantime, check out

N – Nickels (money):

The first thing to do toward selling coins or money is to have them appraised. Here are some options:,,

To Donate your nickels: Any charity will take cash donations. How about this one –,,

O – Oil (cooking and car):

To Donate your used motor oil: It is hard to Sell used motor oil but places like truck repair shops, vehicle repair shops, truck companies burn used motor oil in special heating units and will be happy to take it from you. See if you can barter your oil for an oil change or any small repair that is of the same value.

P – Paint (House): According to, there are 3 kinds of charities that will take your old house paint.

To Donate your house paint:,, #recycleyourpaint. Or check with your local paint store and ask them if they take used paint back.

Q – Quilts: Whether it is quilt fabric or actual finished quilts here are some options.

R – Rubber Bands (office supplies):

To Donate rubber bands/office supplies:,,

To Sell rubber bands: try contacting to see if they will take back or buy back your overstock.

S – Sheets (bedding):

To Sell Old Sheets:

T – Trucks: (Vehicle, toy)

U – Upholstery, Udometer

To Sell your unused upholstery:

To Donate upholstery:

To Sell your Udometer: What is a udometer? Simply stated: a rain gauge. Try

To Donate a Udometer: Schools that teach meteorology, earth science, science classrooms.


To Donate VHS:

W – Waffle maker:

To Donate used Waffle maker: any of the places listed at the beginning of this list.

X – Xylephone (musical instruments):

To Sell used musical instruments:,,

Y – Yarn:

Z – Zippers: This was a tough one to research. Most charities will take gently used coats or items with zippers but NOT if the zipper is broken or damaged. If you need a special kind of zipper there are several local fabric shops where you can get what you need. In the case of wanting to repair a zipper here is a link to videos that might be helpful: or wikihow might be a good source to look at.

And there you have it, the A-Z Donations, Sales and Recycle list. Do you know of more places? Please submit them to GROOM YOUR ROOM and I will add it to this list. Please let me know why you are recommending that site.

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