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Why Should I Hire a Professional Organizer

Although hiring a professional organizer may seem like a waste of money, after all, you are not helpless, you know how to fold, stack, put things away right? Most often I hear that it is the “knowing that you are not alone in getting an overwhelming job done” that makes the greatest difference.

Think of professional organizers as superheroes. Superheroes swoop in, assess the situation and execute a plan of action. The top character strengths or super powers of a professional organizer is Industry, diligence and perseverance. They work hard to finish what they start in a timely fashion. They are not distracted when they work, and they take great satisfaction in completing projects.

When you feel like your attempts at decluttering and/or organizing are either non-existent or you are feeling like you are losing momentum or losing focus, a trained, skilled Professional Organizer will be objective and wholly focused on getting the job done by helping to create long-term improvements where chaos used to reside. Whether the chaos is tangible, aesthetic or emotional, a professional organizer will never work with you until you feel a sense of your own super powers.

“Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered.” ― José Saramago, The Double

A Professional Organizer LIKES and, in most cases, LOVES to get their hands on a grand mess and total chaos and make it something akin to a work of art by not only eliminating the mess but making the cleaned-up, cleaned out space a sanctuary of calm and serenity and a clean slate for you to create in. Think of it this way, in most cases we don’t choose to diet on our own, we seek help from a gym or trainer or diet counselor, we don’t purchase real estate without guidance, we don’t choose to be our own lawyer, be our own doctor, do we? We choose to get objective help and guidance, so why would we choose to tackle an organizing project without help and guidance?

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” ― Rumi

The essential key to knowing if a Professional Organizer is right for you is to first determine whether you NEED to get organized or you WANT to get organized. WANT generates open minds and open minds generate possibilities and possibilities generate excitement and excitement toward your space, life, surroundings, self, generates freedom. NEED generates pressure and lack of enthusiasm. NEED is heavy and a chore.

Most of my clients call for organizing help for 4 reasons:

  1. They don’t know how or where to begin to get organized but they know they want to get started.

  2. They say they don’t have time to devote to organizing or feel that their skills at organizing are not good.

  3. They don’t want to be responsible for making the necessary/hard decisions on their own. In other words, they want to be held accountable for starting an organizing project and finishing it, seeing it through to the end.

  4. They feel overwhelmed in specific organizing areas and feel shame about that overwhelm.

When you have determined that you WANT professional organizational help, or even if you feel the NEED to just “do this” organizational thing, a Professional Organizer brings a tool kit full of hope such as:

  1. Supportive, energetic assistance

  2. Fresh perspective

  3. Your needs are as important as the task at hand

  4. Procrastination Conquered

  5. Overwhelm diminishes step by step

  6. Accountability

  7. Refresh, renew, re-vitalize, reclaim is the goal

  8. Money savings

  9. A THRILL to help you

  10. Inspiration and creativity

  11. No criticism, no side eye, no frowns, ABSOLUTELY NO Judgment

  12. I Listen, listen, listen

  13. Chaos to Calm

  14. One step at a time

  15. You are worth the investment in yourself and your space

  16. Reduced or eliminated STRESS

  17. Eliminate old stressful habits and create new breathable ones

  18. Peace of mind

  19. Encouragement

  20. A go-to assistant for life

A true Professional Organizer will not look to spend your money on supplies to help you get organized unless agreed upon by you. Assessing your need and unique situation, using tools at hand and designing solutions that work within your budget are the priority. Pre-planning your ideas and getting specific about your goals for the project are the most important steps to take first. If supplies are needed at the end of the organizing portion of your project, then the supplies will be purposefully and poignantly useful.

Professional organizers know that taking one small project like, clearing off the top of your office desk, will always lead to other parts of your office. Creating a game plan will prepare your space and mind for the task ahead and what road blocks might come up along the way. Preparing your space for a garbage box, a donation station and recycle receptacle’s are great beginnings to getting the project done well.

In the end, what matters most after the assessment is that you get along well with your Professional Organizer, that the relationship you develop together is a good fit for both of you. To know in your heart that the person you want your space to reflect is you and that is your Professional Organizers main goal too.

Call to Action

Where do you see yourself on the Need/Want scale of organizing?

In what ways are you transitioning from who you were to who you are becoming and how might a Professional Organizer help you get there?

What questions come up for you when thinking about tackling an organizing/decluttering project?


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