Roundly Routine

It is isn’t it? Routines seem to run in circles. Each day or each week we perform the same tasks year-round, trying to stay caught up or in sync with what is expected or necessary for us to function at our best. Summertime gives us an ever so slight excuse to take a break from routines and so we do, as often as possible. We go on vacation away from the routines just to take a break and a deep breath. But, alas, laundry still needs doing, dishes still need washing, groceries s

Is it June Already?

It is a strange feeling to be at the half way point of 2019. Where did the time go? Well, one place for sure is that lots of time has been spent organizing and refreshing our outlook not only on our spaces but our attitudes as well. I’ve had a blast clearing clutter and getting down to some serious overhauls of my home and my habits so far. I am energized and ready to keep this party going. I hope these suggestions and fun tips and links keep you motivated as well. For our Ju